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Owner Debbie's Handmade Soap
How It All Started


I  (Debbie) started my soap making business in 2000 making my first batch of soap in 1999.


I was inspired to try my hand at Soap Making while at a mom's retreat one weekend. One of the speakers mentioned Soap Making and it was like it just reached out and grabbed me, I don't remember anything else that was said the whole weekend!


My daughter was at the heart for me wanting to try making soap.

She had terrible Eczema on her hands and we had tried everything to heal it. I can say it was the right move. After reading every book I could find and lots of trial and error I finally had it! A bar of soap that lathered wonderfully and had a high amount of the oil I hoped would make the difference in her skin, Olive Oil, 50%. It did!

She has not had an issue since!!

It took about 3 years to perfect the recipe, which is at the base of every soap I make today....we have 60 + scents now! 


What started in my kitchen as a mission to help her, bloomed into a full time business that went from kitchen to basement to garage turned workshop at my home. In September of 2016 we opened the doors on our storefront/soap factory in downtown Muncie, Indiana. In March of 2021 the building sold and I had to move the storefront to another location across the street. This space was not large enough for me to house the manufacturing so I had to move that part across town into a warehouse space.

My new goal is to have it all under one roof again so I can be present to talk to and meet my customers. That's been very important to me. As soon as or IF that opportunity arises I will be thrilled!



I have added so many products since the initial soap making  trek....lotions, body butters, lip balms, soothers, handmade wash cloths, bath bombs and more. 


I am also doing refills for containers to help save on waste....if we can recycle let's do it!!! 


This business has meant so much to me I never dreamed I would have a store front...a website....and wholesale accounts!! I simply started making soap to help my daughter and it grew into to all it is today.


Lots of all-nighters and hard work and yes tears and frustrations too.....and the struggles of loading and unloading all the heavy buckets of oil and finished soaps... its so worth it when a customer gives feed back that "it's the only soap I use"  or "my skin feels so much better' or "it really has helped me with my Eczema"    Just WOW!!! It gives me the power to keep on keepin' on! 


My first batches were poured into a Shoe Box for a Soap Mold and now I have enough wooden molds to mix and pour 1000 bars at a time!!! 


The most rewarding part of this business is when I receive emails or calls like this one: 

July 26th 2016 :


The soap was on my porch and I am so very excited and grateful! I have had moderate to severe psoriasis for over half my life and I have continuously gone to doctor after doctor pharmacy after pharmacy , and I had yet to find anything that helped! I picked up two bars of your soap in a quaint little shop in West Jefferson nc, and immediately fell in love ! It has done wonders not only for my skin but for my self esteem as well! Never stop doing what you do. Without knowing it you've helped someone that had lost all hope. Sincerely thank you! 
I have been talking up your product everywhere I go! 
Thank you again. 
Meg Mason


I receive compliments like this very often and it the reward of making a product that not only smells wonderful and is beautiful but is actually beneficial to the health of my customers is beyond words.


They bring tears of joy and accomplishment and I am so thankful that the great big hand of entrepreneurism reached out that and grabbed me!

I'd love to hear from you send me a message of how you found Debbie's Handmade Soap and your story about it. I am putting a book together for ALL the stories to go into....I look so forward to hearing yours! 

You can contact me several ways....FB/IG, from the contact page on this site OR by email at

I do , wholesale, white label, shower and party favors, hostess gifts, fundraisers, Bubblebox Subscriptions and more! 

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