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We love your soap even more than we thought! I really didn’t think my husband would care one way or the other, but he has commented over and over how he loves the fragrance your soaps have brought to our store!! Thank you for allowing us to display and sell these wonderful soaps to our customers!

Deana , Log Cabin Candles

Debbie ,
Your soap is most impressive, thank you so much for the quality and great service in getting the soaps out to me so quickly!

Thanks, Kitten

Dear Debbie,
Thank you so much for taking care of packaging/mailing of the soaps. that is a tremendous help when trying to send gifts! Your products are wonderful!

Thanks, Toni M.

Hi Debbie,
My sister gave me some of your soaps as a gift earlier this year and I greatly enjoyed them. They are a wonderful treat!!

Thanks, Betty G.

Hello Debbie,
I just wanted to let you know that I bought your soap in hopes that it would help my 5 years old nephew. He has Psoriasis terrible on his legs and has been treated almost his whole life for it. We started using your soap and it is simply amazing how he has healed from this condition! We can’t say how happy we are to have found your soap1
Thank You So Much!

Amy L.

Hey Debbie,
Thanks so much for taking my call and my order for your wonderful soaps! Looking forward to soaping up!


We are using the Raspberry soap it is absolutely wonderful. My wife has suffered so with her Psoriasis and hasn’t found any relief until a friend gave her a bar of your wonderful soap! Don’t ever stop making this soap it has been a life saver!!

Thanks, Charles D.

Debbie, Your Peppermint soap is so pretty that’s why i bought it. I kept it sitting in the bathroom forever before I tried it cause it looked so pretty and smelled so good! But i will have to say that it is even better than it looks or smells! I don’t even have to use lotion now! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product I love it! Oh, P.S. it is an amazing wake-me-up-in -the-morning-bar!

Kelli S.

My sister and niece introduced me to this wonderful soap this summer and I must say they were right– leaves your skin silky which is quite a feat here in Colorado where dry flaky skin is the norm! Also has helped with recent facial issues, and my roommate agrees that it has helped her problem skin.


That is great!  I will definitley do that.  I will look over your list of soaps and get back with you.  That is a great price!!  I think I will order some extra to put in with Christmas gifts.


I have been using natural soaps for years and have tried many versions and I do really like yours alot.  The bar was so creamy and I got the honey oatmeal which smells great in the shower too!!


I will be back in touch and thanks again!!  I am so glad I tried yours too – with cold weather coming, I need all the help I can get!


I have used Debbie’s soap for several years now, and I love it.  I don’t like to use anything else.  Even in the winter, when my skin is so dry, I don’t even have to use lotion!  It is just so moisturizing!  I think it’s the best soap there is!  Now, I’d love to try the air fresheners!

Have a Wonderful Day!!!


Love your soap so much!  Just finished washing my face with your oatmeal VitaE soap and it’s so amazing! The only soap anywhere I have found that works for my sensitive skin! I really appreciate it…thank you again so much–all of your soaps are so nice..mom and I are big fans!